Vicki V. Lucas con Toxic (The Trap Series Book 1) Gratis Libros

He failed to save his sister. Now a stable boy must join forces with two other teens and an elusive winged horse to free their world from a deadly plot to poison humanity. While facing global annihilation from toxic water in Eltiria, Kai is trying to save his sister from death. But when he seizes his only chance to make enough money to pay for healers, his plans are torn to shreds, and he finds himself battling monsters as he is chased farther away from his family.Lizzy travels to a nearby city for safety, only to watch her older brother dragged away from her by monsters from myths. Running for her life, she must find a way to reunite her family as she is thrown into choices that lead her further from what she wants. Taryn knows it is his destiny to save the world through magic and is on his way to begin his journey to greatness. But then his beliefs are challenged as he is thrown off the path he has chosen for himself and into a life he never desired.Guided by a mysterious winged horse named Eladar, they discover that the world is not what they thought and everything they believed was wrong. Can they locate the source of the poison and find their faith as they battle to find the truth in a world of chaos and destruction?Reviews for Toxic - Christian fantasy for teens “Toxic would appeal to anyone from age 10-90...” Laurie Penner"It's a must read for anyone who loves adventure and creativity.” Kaitlyn Deann“I would recommend it for any teen, or coming-teen.” Breezy WLK“It was great to know that a book meant for young teens really appeals to them... and is actually okay for them to read from a mothers point of view!!” S. Sander“Where many fantasy novels rely on magic to save the save the world, this one does the exact opposite.” CorianderVaine


  • Título Del Ebooks: Toxic (The Trap Series Book 1)
  • Los autores: Vicki V. Lucas
  • Editor: Fiction on Fire
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 08.10.2013
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  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
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