Robert W Stephens con Libros The Tequila Killings: A Murder On Maui Mystery Gratis

A deadly fall. A dodgy past. Can Poe uncover the truth before a match made in paradise ends in disaster? Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford has the luxury of picking and choosing the cases that spark his curiosity. So when his love-struck mother-in-law demands he trail her latest squeeze, he thinks he’s wasting his time. Until a mysterious woman from the boyfriend’s past falls off his balcony to her death. As he digs deeper, he discovers a chain of underground connections starting with a rising tide of corruption in Miami and washing up on Maui’s white sandy beaches. But Poe’s solved enough cases to know dodgy dealings don’t necessarily make the man a murderer… With the body count climbing, can Poe protect his mother-in-law and solve the case or will a killer destroy a chance at a happy ending?The Tequila Killings is the eighth standalone novel in a series of murder mysteries with an island state of mind. If you like charismatic private eyes, lighthearted humor, and tropical-storm-grade twists and turns, then you'll love Robert W. Stephens’ Murder on Maui series. Buy The Tequila Killings to pour yourself another round of island mystery today!


  • Título Del Ebooks: The Tequila Killings: A Murder On Maui Mystery
  • Los autores: Robert W Stephens
  • Editor: Independently published
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 23.01.2015
  • Género: Policíaca, negra y suspense
  • ISBN: 171980737X
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.30MB
  • Hoja de: 279
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB