John Davis BA JD LLM con Bernie Sanders For President 2016: A Political Revolution Libros Gratis

We bailed out the banks and the corporations. Now it is our turn! Reviews ***** “Very, very well-written.” - Mark J. Walsh, International Reviewer. “Finally, a book that shows the ‘big picture.’ This book tells it like it is and exposes 40 years of the establishment abusing Americans.” - James E. Preston, Washington Chronicle. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is running for President in 2016. Go Bernie, GO! In just a few short months, Senator Sanders has vaulted to the lead in national election polls, drawing huge crowds across the United States, and is challenging the once undisputed Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. This fascinating book explores all that voters need to understand about the issues. The book includes many references to the legislative initiatives of Senator Sanders, and, his supporters, including Senator Elizabeth Warren. The book is intended to empower voters to understand how and why Bernie has become the champion of the People in one of the darkest hours facing our disappearing middle class, and the poor in America.


  • Título Del Ebooks: Bernie Sanders For President 2016: A Political Revolution
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