Catherine Lind con Opposites Explained: Vol. 1 (Mr Owly the Teacher) Libros Gratis

Do you want your child to succeed and improve his or her vocabulary? Then Mr Owly will be your child's best friend in this quest. In a fun and inspirational way this old, wise, and sometimes forgetful owl will bring your child along a journey into the wonderful world of words and knowledge, together with his three little feathered students, Lilly, Zara and Tim. This book uses the combination of images and text to teach the meaning of opposite words, and how to use them in a real-life situation. For example, the difference between a hard and a soft surface.The book has colorful images that explain the difference in a suitable situation. Every situation has its own short story, so your child gets a better understanding of the practical use of the word and how to use it in a full sentence.Mr Owly guides towards a better understanding of words, a larger vocabulary, and with the help of questions the book trigger an active thinking; where your child has to figure out different actions that can change the word to its counterpart. Volume one deals with 24 different opposite words.This is a word-comprehension book that will help your child gain a colorful language and applied-logic in a fun way with the help of different short stories and a classroom filled with friendly owls.Your child will learn:- The meaning of opposite words- How to use opposite words- Applied logic to 24 different words- How to use the words in a complete sentence- How words and actions connect


  • Título Del Ebooks: Opposites Explained: Vol. 1 (Mr Owly the Teacher)
  • Los autores: Catherine Lind
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