Amanda H. Williams con Libros Beach Reads: A Collection Of Short Stories Gratis

A compilation of short stories set on Georgia's barrier islands. Seven Days~A stormy night on St. Simons Island brings two unlikely people together who share more in common than they could imagine. What can happen in seven days?To Breathe Again~Ada Dawson, a widow mourning the loss of her beloved husband, is struggling with the idea of living again. Life is waiting, but does she have the courage to step back onto the pages without her other half? To Breathe Again is a short story about holding one's breath in the devastating aftermath of a loss, but trusting God in the gut-wrenching process of taking one step at a time. With the encouragement of her family and her friends—new and old, can Ada see past her grief and into a life worth living?The Yellow Flip-Flops~Two broken hearts and one pair of yellow flip-flops come together in a beautiful setting to create a tale of hope and healing. Jack and Leah walk the same stretch of beach, looking for answers. With time and prayer, will they find what they are looking for in one another? A heart-warming short story for the reader looking for sweet romance.The Healing Dance~Andrew and Allyson are on the brink of ending their 30-year marriage. An affair, death, and the passage of time have torn to shreds what was once a sacred bond. Can thirty days committed to rekindling a broken relationship make a difference in the grand picture? Is it even worth the time and effort to try?


  • Título Del Ebooks: Beach Reads: A Collection Of Short Stories
  • Los autores: Amanda H. Williams
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