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This book is a slight revision of the original 1990 edition, originally published in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Compiled by Gareth W. Lewis and E. G. Makala, with illustrations by J. Masanja, this work organizes and presents the traditional musical instruments of Tanzania according to four categories familiar to musicologists: (1) Idiophones (2) Membranophones (drums) (3) Aerophones and (4) Chordophones In each case, instruments are discussed according to + Typical names + Geographic locations + Description and mode of manufacture + Manner of playing + Uses and other remarks A primary concern is to preserve the ethnic musical heritage of Tanzania in an age in which traditional music is being displaced, if not obliterated, by the continued encroachments of western electronic music. In the closing words of Lewis' introduction: "If Tanzania is losing its traditional music, then at least there is a record of the musical instruments available. And perhaps this work will spur people to record a complex and often beautiful musical culture and perhaps to act to reverse its decline."


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