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You are definitely taking yourself and your temporary life way too seriously. It’s No Joke: We Live in Hell is composed of opinions & ideas related to Destiny, God, Death, Life After Death, Suicide, Enlightenment, and Peace of Mind. The “Hell” referred to is not a biblical or religious one. It’s just a great name for a world where shitty & painful & horrible & hellish things take place. If you don't admit this is Hell, then you cannot be prepared to endure it. This mortal life can often be psychologically brutal & savage, and if you wander around in denial or ignorance of this fact, then is it any wonder how hard you are going to suffer?We live in Hell, and when we admit this, we can't help but treat ourselves, and others, in a kinder, more tolerant and forgiving way. It is the only outlook on yourself and life that will disarm depression and decrease how often you think about suicide.It’s No Joke: We Live in Hell introduces the reader to the American Philosopher Alexander T. Newport and his Three Fundamental Questions All Philosophers Should Address: Why am I alive as a temporary creature? Is there an almighty-daddy-god-creator, and if so, what are its qualities? Is there life after death, and if so, what are its qualities? It is a 15 minute quick-read full of unique opinions, conclusions, and theories (some of which may be controversial). It contains EXPLICIT language which some readers may find offensive. It is NOT intended to TEACH you anything. It’s just meant to confirm your deepest suspicion that we all actually live in Hell---and it ain’t no goddamn joke.About the Author:The Philobabblist Extraordinaire, Alexander T. Newport, is a Philosopher who was born in the United States of America in 1964. His awakening as a Philosopher happened at the unusual age of 6 ½ as the result of asking his father the meaning of Death and being told it meant no more thinking or feeling ever again. At age 15 he began writing impulsively and smoking pot. At 16 he gleefully ran way from school forever. He is a cheeseburger & pizza kind of guy who is partial to 1970s & 1980s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. He is the author of 5 seriously kick-ass books of Philosophy.NOTE ABOUT FORMATTING: The text is aligned to Center. This means the sentences are in the middle of the page. It looks like poetry but it is still prose. The lines cascade in a simple & logical way no matter what font size the reader chooses. It works for all Kindle devices.


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